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Mobility For All Made More Possible
KINTO One Article from Manila Bulletin
Posted Date: Apr 21, 2022

Published date: October 6, 2021

Let us say that you want to buy and own a car but you are still undecided due to various reasons and you just want to experience driving one for some time.

Or you are a person who frequently relocates due to work but has a job that requires you to drive to your office, clients, and customers.

Or you need a car for work and other activities but do not want to own one on a long-term basis as you do not consider owning one as a wise investment due to associated ownership costs.

Different people have different reasons why they want to own and not own a car but if you are someone who is straddling between the advantages and disadvantages of vehicle ownership, what you might need is a flexible solution to your situation.

In June 2020, Toyota Motor Philippines, through Toyota Financial Services Philippines, launched KINTO One, a new mobility service designed to suit the dynamic and varying lifestyles of Filipinos today.

Veering away from conventional car ownership, KINTO One focuses on usership, offering consumers a subscription-based experience to drive a vehicle.


KINTO One is a program that shares similarities with how you subscribe to a software application. If there is software-as-a-service, you can consider it as a vehicle-as-a-service solution. The innovative, modern approach makes it the mobility service of the next generation.

With KINTO One, customers can enjoy a convenient way to drive a vehicle model of their choice from Toyota’s lineup every three or four years under a lease contract.

The KINTO Concierge Service will be in touch to remind customers of their scheduled appointments for periodic maintenance, preventive maintenance for normal wear and tear parts replacements, annual comprehensive insurance, and annual car registration.

Once the lease term is over, the customer simply returns the vehicle to their dealer and everything else is taken care of. No more hassle in disposing or reselling an old vehicle.

“KINTO One is a step closer to realizing Toyota’s vision of Mobility for All.  We would like to provide as much flexibility as possible to customers based on their lifestyle and preferences,” said Atsushi Murakami, President of Toyota Financial Services Philippines. 

“We recognize that the next generation has a need for car usage, but not necessarily in the form of vehicle ownership. KINTO One makes it easy for them,” he added.

To avail of services, visit KINTO website and choose among the vehicles available for the program, which include Vios, Rush, Fortuner, Corolla Altis and Corolla Cross.

Depending on your lifestyle, you must also choose among the following mileage options: Light package at 15,000km/year, Standard package at 20,000km/year, and Maximum package at 30,000km/year. Then, select between a three-year or a four-year lease term.

KINTO One is open to both Filipinos and foreigners who are working in the Philippines but requirements vary. Filipinos must submit a valid driver’s license, major credit cards like Visa or Mastercard, proof of income, and proof of billing. Foreigners, meanwhile, must also submit a passport with the latest arrival stamp, ACR, or work permit and certification from the company indicating the assignment period or contract.

Once your application and requirements are approved, just pay the two-month security deposit online to start your lease.

Certainly, KINTO One is a timely offering for consumers who are looking for a flexible, subscription-based car lease solution amid the changing times. It is a comprehensive solution that consolidates traditional cost issues associated with conventional car ownership, such as maintenance, insurance, and resell/disposal, allowing you to avoid unexpected expenses and better manage your money. 

For more information on KINTO One, visit the Toyota Motor Philippines website and Facebook Page or contact a Toyota dealer based in Metro Manila. Interested parties may also visit the KINTO website or KINTO Philippines Facebook Page.

Toyota Financial Services Philippines Corporation is supervised by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, with email address: [email protected].


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